pow Command Line

The pow command line provides a high-level interface for working with PyOpenWorm-managed data. The central object which pow works on is the repository, which contains the database – a set of files in binary format. The sub-commands act on important files inside the repository or with entities in the database.

To get usage information:

pow --help

To clone a repository:

pow clone $database_url

This will clone a repository into .pow in your current working directory. After a successful clone, a binary database usable as a PyOpenWorm store will have been created from the serialized graphs in the repository.

To save changes made to the database:

pow commit -m "I'm a commit message!"

To recreate the database from serialized graphs, including uncommited changes:

pow regendb

To make a new repository:

pow init

This will create a repository in .pow in your current working directory.